The outbreak wasn't taken seriously until it was too late.
1 month ago survivors were quarantined in the London Underground.
A week later the power cut out.
Yesterday, the soldiers guarding your group left.
They're not coming back.

Mirror State Underground is a megagame about survival, negotiation and power. You represent a leader of a survivor group trying to keep spirits up, stomachs full and most importantly, hearts beating in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

Having managed to hide in the Underground system as society collapsed you’ve enough food and water for a few days and a train that, in theory, can move your survivor group through the network to a more secure location… if you can just find a way to power it.

Yours is not the only group.

Others are also trying to stay alive. Some are hoarding supplies and luxuries hoping to make a quick profit. Rumours are that some are trying to declare themselves rulers of the Underground. There was no ethical or moral requirement to enter this zone of safety, not everyone is a saint.

That’s before you consider that there are 8 million zombies last seen roaming the streets above just before “all” the surface access points were sealed.

Survival first

Megagames are large-scale games grounded in some fundamental rules, these rules allow the passage of time to work effectively and give players standard objectives to aim for as the game progresses. In Mirror State Underground this standard objective will be to survive life in the zombie apocalypse.

Beyond this primary objective you have the freedom to decide for yourself what winning looks like. The world is unformed clay that will take shape over the course of the game. You don’t know what challenges and opportunities you’ll be facing or how the other players will respond. Your key to success is your ability to negotiate, scheme, cajole and horse-trade, being able to think fast and adapt quickly certainly won’t hurt either.

New to Megagames?

Megagames are large scale real-world games that take place in a single day. No two experiences are identical as the story's development over the course of the game is dictated by the players. Will you try to save what's left of the world or prey on the few remaining survivors? Collaborate or compete, it's up to you.

Mirror State Underground has the following player roles available:

Survivor teams made up of a leader, engineer, scout and messenger
Station master teams, made up of two players
Special solo characters

If you want to play as a team, each player should select one of the survivor roles available when ordering. We don't offer a "team ticket" as such, but if you've all signed up together at any point you'll be set to the same group. If you don't have a team, that's fine too! We'll ensure that nobody is left out on game day, just pick the role you like and we'll find you a team (if you need one).