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Episode One : Antagonist Review

By June 9, 2015Reviews

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For our first action, we plant a zombie virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo, just a little one mind. We also decide to form the organisation ‘People First’. At this early stage in the day it’s some vaguely Occupy-esque political movement which quickly reaches 2 million members and has it’s first peaceful protest outside the White House. We also seed agencies with some knowledge concerning a vague threat in Iran. We don’t get too explicit, but we may have used the word ‘Nuclear’ once or twice.

One of my favourite things that we did in the game, we did right at the start. We had the opportunity to turn one of the other players into a traitor of some sort.

We went back and forth about who to turn a few times. We considered the president, but we knew already that at lunch time was the election which meant he would potentially only be useful while we were building up steam. We considered one of the corporations or agencies but it seemed difficult to manage what they were doing especially as most of their game was so different to ours. And there were so many of them it made choosing very difficult in the first place.

Finally though we decided, in a stroke of genius, to turn one of the two media players.

We picked the liberal news guy and
just fed him a steady stream of bullshit
to update the news feed with all day.

With that in mind we decided to use him to keep the virus quiet and focus on some distractions.

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