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Episode One : Corporation Review

By June 12, 2015Reviews

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A smile across the face of the Tennessee representative, a presidential candidate, began to explain the booming tourism sector. Our discussion was cut short.

With dozens of similarly eager-eyed, suited and booted flooding the community centre cafe, a game of badge-spotting begins as the Republicans and Democrats congregate in the corners and the agencies are eyed up by everybody, particularly the bemused cafe customers.

My two fellow corporations ended up representing the agricultural and technological industries and I knew there would be room for cooperation, or even more. We found ourselves in a “private sector huddle” and soon agreed that helping the world and making money were not mutually exclusive.

This was it — 15 minutes before the game had begun,
the game had begun.

I take a seat at my desk , fill a bowl with Haribo to assist in negotiation and I’m handed a stack of notes — 200 million dollars. Seed money for wheeling and dealing. I look across at my competition. Brand Perpetual, the technology giant, announces that they want to expand into pharmaceuticals and that I’d better not step on their toes. Shocked at the initial antagonism, I reassure them that we can and should work together — of course, I’d want to distribute anything that they produced.

I go to look over the game notes detailing the industries and assets of each state but before my corporate plan can really be ironed out, I’m approached by the Democrat state of Washington.

I play it cool as Washington explains his industries and benefits. I ask him about the mood of his people while quickly scanning the state details and I notice that there is a strong advantage to technology in his state and it contains a Boeing base. I quit the small talk and put a contract on the table — the relocation of my headquarters. His cool game continues and he wants to discuss the deal. He’d like me to purchase the Boeing base.

How do I contain my intentions?

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