The full reenactment of Mirror State Code Epsilon through the eyes of our three media agencies : Patriot Broadcasting, Global News Corporation and News Twofour.

16:46 Fog attacks
The severe fog that has descended on our roads is "not dangerous" according to experts. However the CIA has labelled it as "suspicious".

18:11 Federal Drug Pricing Act an imminent disaster
Proposed changes threaten American jobs, hospitals and global competitiveness. Petty beaurocratic standardisasions must not threaten our children’s future!

18:20 Patriot News slams FDPA
Patriot News publishes story about the dangers of the Federal Pricing Drug Act. But who is their source? They claim to have used evidence from the Synthetics Rational pharma group. But does that group even exist?

18:25 Consumer Protection Act Threatens US Jobs
More like Consumer Prevention Act! Companies like 1st Pragmatic Group are eager to open a new chain of US stores, ploughing existing profits into the US of A, and the Consumer Prevention Act would…well, prevent that!

18:28 CDC claims that FDPA slam is "overactive"
The CDC feels that the 18.5 billion dollars they subsidise big pharma with each year is enough, but Synthetic Rational say that the new pricing act will be a disaster.

18:32 Brand Perpetual Bringing Tech Jobs To America
Currently in discussions with a number of states.

18:32 CIA confirm that they are looking into intense fog
The CIA says they are always vigilant, and will check into all possibilities of outside threats. The FBI says that the fog is simply a natural phenomenon.

18:35 Kentucky Promises To Protect and Grow US Military Jobs
Representative Paul eager to grow military presence int the state, protecting Kentuckians and the entire country!

18:35 Middle East crisis threatening petrol industry
Department of Defense confirmes dependency on strong military defenses – more funds needed

18:38 Alabama Rep. Clayton "Bio fuels are a Myth!"
"Instead of growing food we are burning crops for our cars – that’s what oil is for!"
"We’re so keen on traditional fuel, we want NASA and their wonderous fuel-burning rockets in our state! They’re wasting their time in Florida with all their Democrat regulation"

18:40 "Last unbiased source" found to be heavily biased
Watch out for true news – there’s an alliance forming between two of the biggest industries in the country without you knowing #stayalert

18:40 NASA stands for truth
NASA say they will find the truth in all matters and help the government make decisions based on scientific evidence. Investigations show that today’s fog was natural.

18:45 Presidential Candidate White Plans to Paint the White House Green
Platform built on Green Jobs and Technolgy R&D called into question by traditional, established, fundamentally important American industries such as oil, and auto.

18:45 Synthetic Rational expanding
Synthetic Rational sets up new headquarters in NewJersey – what does the CDC think about that?

18:51 Environmental Protection – a Democrat issue?!
One of the main focuses of the Democratics campaign is the protection of the environment using technology – technology corporations watch out – is that good or bad news?

18:51 Georgia Rep Torrance: "Restrictive legislation hurting injured vet support!"
"Cutting edge genetic medicine is being held back by restrictive, old-fashioned legislation" said Torrance. Synthetic Rational agreed. "This is outragous1!"

18:54 Religious fundamentalism
Do you want your country to be ruled by reason or faith alone? Think before you vote.

18:57 DoD Shooting for military bases in Kentucky and Minnesota
Expanded military presence aims to boost jobs and national security. God bless ’em!

18:59 President Norman Building Second Term Campaign on Focussing Budget
Science Priority Bill intended to allow NASA to do their job more efficiently and get the CDC more funding, by reducing subsidies to the Genetic Research Industries.

Alabama trying to intimidate political opponents by discriminating bisexual senator – haven’t we grown as a nation? #lovewins

19:03 President’s legacy
The republican president hopes his lasting legacy will be financial stability and a reduced deficit.

19:04 Democrats gutting Medicare and Consumer Bill of Rights
Under the guise of supporting Jobs for American, the Democrats are threatening to devastate our Consumer and Health Care rights!

19:05 Republicans fail to hold their states
Newest data shows Republicans going to lose Virginia

19:07 Kentucky Secures Oil Field Deal
Tax evenue will be used on education and creating new jobs!

19:09 Drastic new development – huge step in the right directon?
Democratic Party transfers 1B from the Consumer Bill of Rights to Economic Growth and Biofuels – new jobs for a new America or potential loss of rights? #let’s talk about that

19:10 Drugs fall from space?
Synth. Rational are collaborating with NASA on space deployment of drugs.

19:12 Presidential Candidate White: "We’ll Support Increased Homeland Security Budget"
Unclear where money will come from, however. Negotiations are ongoing between both major parties.

19:13 Democrats support Medicare
A democrat representative says that they are glad that the Jobs For America bill has not passed. They would increase Medicare funding and think this bill is a that to that.

19:14 Synthetic Rational going global
Synthetic Rational going strong in Switzerland and China presenting a glorious new partnership with the US

19:15 "Jobs for America" might kill you
Republicans take funding from medicare to support new jobs in agriculture?
Who can you trust? We’ll investigate.

19:16 DoD and NASA track whales
Collaboration between NASA and DoD would use satellites to sonar monitor wildlife.

19:17 Military Promises to Fund NASA Sonar Tracking Project
NASA says it’s for tracking sea animals, we have our own suspicions thatthe military might have other plans for it! Like, say, tracking foreign submarines.

19:19 Environmental Issue The New Thing
State senator of Minnesota has poured 30 million dollars into environmental protection – "We need to clean up our act" – is this what we need?

19:20 New military base
New naval base in Minnesota – what are we afraid of?

19:20 Science Priority Bill
The president says it is important to reduce pointless subsidies and thinks that the SPB will do that by reviving GM research subsidies and increasing CDC support

19:21 Airport sold to tech company
St Paul sold to Brand Perpetual – new tech hub emerging?

19:23 CIA Seeking "Moderate" Budget Increase
CIA rep tells Patriot News "We are incredibly efficient for what we do! How much is too much when it comes to US Security? I think we all know the answer there no price is too high for national security."

19:25 Strange sightings on the Atlantic Coast
Whales sighted in highly contaminated waters – how did that happen?

19:25 CDC need budget for keeping us safe
CDC say they will need the extra budget to keep is safe with research. They will use it to investigate threats such as the resent fog.

19:27 SR acquired labs in Minnesota
Deployment systems expanding – drugs the new head of the game?

19:29 Satellites intended for peaceful uses?
The republicans say that they would use satellites for agricultural use and not military ones.

19:29 Cuts enable private intervention
NASA now partnering with SR to establish new genetics research base in New Jersey – cutting funds leads to privatisation

19:30 NASA Funding New Genetic Research Base in Minnesota
Yes, that’s right, NASA. The space agency promises it’s to let humans live on other planets! What a wonderful use of government money…

19:34 Source: Science Priority Bill Would Give NASA Military Satellite Control
Sources within the military tell us this would be a grave threat to national security, and we tend to agree! Military equipment should be maintained and maanged by the military, not a bunch of space egg heads!

19:35 CDC Spending Plans in Chaos
Quote "We have no idea what to do with all this money."

19:39 CDC says whales are fine
Whales sampled showed "nothing" of concern. Please relax and get to us if you have new information.

19:43 New Bill shut down
Democrats accuse president of using his last legislative power to push "poorly constructed legislation" – do you agree?

19:43 Brand Perpetual Working with DOD on Synthetic Limbs for Veterans
The company is downplaying the potential of the technology to be used for military cyborgs, however.

19:44 Retail opportunities in Maryland
First Pragmatic Retail have a new R&D base in Maryland. They say this will bring more jobs. Well Maryland benefit from this investment?

19:47 Government talk of cutting NSA budget is "concerning"
Anonymous-but-trusted NSA source tells us that: "We would face a loss of capabilities to defend the USA both from cyber and conventional terror threats. Our intelligence gathering allows us to take the fight to those who wish us harm, wherever they may be hidden. Reductions to our funding must not come to pass or our efforts would be devastated."

19:50 Correction – new SR labs in Mississippi
Shoddy reporting from Global News has mistakenly claimed that there are new Synthetic Rational labs in Missouri. Actually they have invested $50 million in Mississippi.

19:53 New probes shot to Europa
Genetic research or military mission?

19:54 Exclusive: Where are Ohio’s Aphids?
Aphids have been strangely absent from Ohio, a farming state traditionally plagued by them.

An anonymous pesticide company source told us "Our business has been devastated this year, there simply aren’t any aphids to spray and we have no idea what has actually happened!"

When asked about this, a CDC source told us "I’ve not heard anything about this before. Unfortunately, this might be because we don’t have any money, so we couldn’t investigate it anyway."

19:54 Whale water is safe for swimmers
The CDC say that the Atlantic waters that whales were recently spotted in have no dangerous chemicals. But the CDC can’t advise on whether the whales’behaviour is normal.

19:55 Increase in piracy
Massive increase in sea piracy off the Brazilian coast. Yachts, container ships raided, hijacked.

19:57 New military bill creates jobs too
Bill already approved by president, both parties took part in the process – new jobs for America "don’t have to be a matter of party"

19:57 NASA and Airforce Sending Probe To Europa
Further budget squandered on search for little green men from another planet (well, moon) instead of supporting American jobs, education and industry!

19:59 Bipartisan bill difficulties
"Republicans are behaving childish", Democrats say – Medicare cuts demanded, do we know better?

20:02 New questions regarding whales
After the false alarm was cleared, there seemed to be no question about the safety of whales, now TwoFour reports CDC cannot interpret behaviour. #stayalert

20:04 NASA Exclusive: Europa Probe Had Nothing To Do With DOD
"The best possibility of life outside earth is Europe." When asked if life on Europa could be dangerous, they responded that it’s "just a probe". When asked about cost, they told us it was "not expensive".

20:04 White attacks Republicans
Democratic presidential candidate White pushes through new employment bill, polls say America wants new jobs, he gets them

20:06 NASA and DOD in bed again
Project is to investigate sea temperatures, animal migration and tectonic activity. When asked what the sea has to do with space, NASA replied "it’s under our remit and funded by entirely by NASA".

20:09 Bill preparation finished
The bipartisan bill for new jobs is this close to be pushed through – what will change for Americans? Will it clash with White’s plans?

20:10 The Apex Predators
A cargo ship in the Mediterranean is raided; electronic goods worth approximately $2M are stolen. The group referred to themselves as ‘The Apex Predators’.

20:11 Kentucky Rep: "GNC, NASA, Florida and California Fooling USA About Europa"
Contary to false information that you might have seen on Global News Corporation, we’ve had confirmation from both NASA and Kentucky that the DOD is not at all involved in sending the probe to Europa. More on this as it develops.

20:15 Minnesota: Articial Limbs Being Made For Cyborg Soldiers, Not Veterans!
Despite repeated assurances that this technology was being developed in Minnesota for wounded veterans, we have it on good authority that this technology is being used to create a cyborg army!

While we are all for a stronger American military, the lies and bribes tied to this project are a disgrace. The American people have been lied to!

20:18 Robots in Washington
The Commodity Adepts group has invested $10 million in a robotics lab in Washington, could create new jobs and parking.

20:20 White supports new tech jobs
Swing states are looking forward to expanding high tech industries and working with the leading agencies to create new jobs – Democrats approve

20:21 Kentucky Secures Air Base, to be named Fort Frankfort
A win for jobs and national security!

20:23 CIA is keeping YOU safe – and very cheaply so
CIA is underfunded – compared to other agencies, new funds needed quick

20:25 New rehabilitation jobs
The Department of Justice put forward a bill to enable more people to get into rehabilitation – for new jobs and more security

20:25 Military Expansion Strengthens America!
Military research base opens in South Carolina. When asked if this will focus on the rumoured cyborg army, we were told by an anonymous DOD source that "The cyborg army isn’t happening, there’s no money for that. We’re focused instead on carrier battle groups, a proven means to protect America"

20:25 CDC desperate for funding -turn to Big Oil
The CDC plan a fun run to help raise cash. They need Senators to jog. This won’t raise the levels of money they need, perhaps this is why they have agreed to Commodity Adepts being the sponsors.

20:28 New jobs in genetics, less in GM?
Energy and science committee nationalise genetic modification research, brings more jobs, better education – 18.5 B needed, could be taken from GM subsidies.

20:28 NASA and DOD Sonar Actually Searching for Terrifying Super Submarine
They don’t know where it’s from or what it’s capable of. Should America be concerned?

Clearly there was a hidden agenda to the funding of recenty sonar research for "tracking sea animals". Are NASA and the DOD secretly working and not telling the public?

20:28 Unhappy teachers in Virginia
Rumours of strikes by teachers due to education cuts.

20:31 The Sea, what’s happening?
Reports of secrets submarines, various agencies inquiring about whales and contamination – why is no politician talking about this?!

20:33 Education cuts could cost you votes
With education being the next biggest concern of swing states after jobs, cutting the funds could prove fatal.

20:35 Fishy business
The CDC have continued to investigate the quality of whale water and found shellfish residue. However rumours after appearing that this was never to do with whales at all. Is there a greater threat?

20:36 New intelligence committee
International surveillance – no threat to America not investigated, very low cost Democratic operation

20:48 Should we be scared of the sea?
Spooked whales, secret submarine scare stories and mysteriously disappearing trawlers in Norway. Can it all be blamed on simple piracy?

20:49 Ohio: We need emergency funding to solve vanishing aphid mystery!
Concern growing over the cause of this bizarre dissapearance – surely this is an early sign or worse to come?!

20:51 Commodity Adept Building Oil Refinery In Texas
"Oil is important to Texas, we are a powerhouse that generates success for the US!"

20:51 Pirates real, but super submarine is a myth
The FBI is investigating Patriot news due to a possible lack of evidence for their secret submarine story.

20:55 Pesticide prices rocketing despite Ohio’s vanishing aphids
The mystery continues, just what is going on?!

20:56 +++BREAKING NEWS+++ genetically modified people
One of the big cooperations is looking into creating a super soldier.

Story – 500 chars max

21:01 +++Democrats win+++
Story – 500 chars max

21:01 NASA involved in GM work
Is genetic modification within NASA’s remit? They said that GM work will be essential for missions to Europa and that is why they were collaborating with Synthetic Rational.

21:02 FBI denies GNC claims that it is investigating Patriot over Super Sub News Item
Patriot considering legal action against GNC, claiming that lies like this damage its reputation needlessly.

21:03 Democrats claw back into power
We are all so screwed.

21:05 Commodity Adept Investigating "Vacant Industries"
Promising to pour into the aphid mystery in Ohio, given that the CDC is "underfunded and having trouble coping, so somebody needs to step up – us!"

21:05 No zombie people?
CDC denies GM people – but acted surprised.
Are they just not informed?

21:07 Brand Perpetual Announces Development of New Prosthetic Limbs "For Public
Rumours of cyborg army persist, however…

21:08 SR builds the überhuman
Synthetic Rational’s deal with the NASA includes genetic modification to survive in hostile environments, surviving rare illnesses and overall agility improvement.

21:10 Prosthetics break through
Brand Perpetual is delighted to announce it has successfully developed new, high-tech prosthetic lbs for the injured, available to the public soon!

21:11 First Pragmatic Group develops home hazmat survival suit
They promise that it is fully contained, hermetically sealed, and can sustain you for long periods of time. "Be prepared for the worst at an affordable price for every American!"

21:13 CIA Budget Slashed
No additional funding received. How can America protect itself if it doesn’t know what threatens it?!

21:22 CDC Investigating Vanishing Aphids
Finally gets some cash, spends it on researching vanishing aphids, but still has no idea where they have gone in Ohio.

21:22 GM Research illegal?!
Is someone having an eye on that at all?

21:25 Breaking news – Kraken!
Giant black crustacean seen at sea – 1.5km long! Xc

21:28 NSA infiltrates SR
Synthetic Rational should expect a visit soon – their research might be illegal…

21:29 President White Overwhelmed
When asked to comment on plans to investigate and address the many crisis situations currently ongoing around the world, the President said "We’re going to have some meetings".

21:31 Georgia Representative Assassinated!
FBI still investigating but has two possible leads.

21:32 Crisis will be handled
All parties and organizations will work on a solution to whatever’s threatening the country.

21:32 Are super soldiers GM or cybernetic?
Synthetic Rational have major genetics labs and Brand Perpetual has advanced prosthetics used in warfare. They have collaborated on prosthetic limbs, does this mean that the rumoured super soldiers are mutant robots?

21:33 Texas Rep: Oil drying up just a temporary set back!
Texas rep is confident it’s a temporary situation.

21:35 Texas Oil Wells dry up
Production of oil in Texas down to 10%. Will this add to the president’s stress?

21:37 Texas don’t know where their oil has gone
Texas have invested heavily in oil in their state, but now it has mysteriously dried up.

21:37 Mile-Long Sea Beast Devastates Oil Platform
Military confirms it doesn’t know anything further yet. Maybe it wasn’t a super sub after all!

21:39 Georgia’s senator assassinated
FBI still doesn’t know what’s happening.
Investigation is still running.

21:39 Democrats in decision-making stand-still
After two weeks in power, the Democrats still haven’t even proposed a single bill. Just when are they going to take action on the many potential disasters facing our country?!

21:40 Republicans furious at Democrats
Republicans angry that the democrats have not yet passed a bill since coming to power.

21:40 Governor of Georgia dead, not senator

21:41 Georgia senator alive
But Georgia senator still very dead.

21:42 Funding-starved CIA on brink of shutting down
America’s security in grave danger – if we lose our eyes abroad, who will warn us of approaching threats?!

21:42 Prosthetics release
All of the new prosthetics of BP are now available.

21:43 No new funding
CIA is shutting down

21:44 Full Kraken details
An incoming oil platform crew sees the offshore oil platform ‘Brittania’ attacked by a black crustacean measuring approximately 1.5km in size.

21:45 Drive by shooting killed Georgia representative
Assassin wore all white – have you seen anything?!

21:45 VP: Georgia rep murder was drive-by
No political group has claimed responsibility, but the killer was apparently wearing white so we’re guessing he was middle eastern…

21:46 Full assassination details
Georgia governor killed in drive-by. NSa and FBI investigate but no culprits found yet. President sorry for the state’s loss.

21:47 Kentucky new Texas
"We still have oil", says senator

21:48 DOD say Karen could just be a "shoal of fish"
DOD say they found a shoal of fish of the same size as massive leviathan Kraken report.

21:50 Commdity Adept Subsidises CDC and CIA to Fight Kraken
Kraken continues to attack oil rigs, oil is drying up in Texas… maybe bio fuel wasn’t such a bad idea after all!

21:50 Repeat – the CIA is shutting down
Can we risk that?

21:51 Sea beast eats oil
Commodity Adept, the oil company, swears to lol the beast that’s ruining their profits. They offer their submarines to the DOD.

21:54 Brand Perpetual Maintains "We Are Not Making Cyborgs"
We don’t entirely believe them…

21:56 Republicans block funds
Funding for intelligence agencies and high tech manufacturing is being blocked in treasury

21:57 Why does oil company have private army of subs?
CIA was interrupted in it’s investigations into the private army of Commodity Adept, by being broke. But now the U.S.agencies needs the military strength of this private company, due to world crisis.

21:58 Brand Perpetual SCOOP: Cyborg Program Delayed Buy May Return…
We have it on good authority that Brand Perpetual were indeed researching military cyborg technology, but lacked sufficient funding and had to pivot to make prosthetic limbs. They fully intend to return to military cyborg development if they can secure new funding for it, however.

21:58 CIA saved!
Democrats and Republicans both claim responsibility for saving the CIA for financial ruin.

22:00 CIA funding secured
According to CIA representatives, neither Democrats nor Republicans can claim it

22:01 Bill Proposed to Merge NSA and FBI
Our cources view the bill as as a strong move, offering greater efficiency by reducing agency overlap as well as increasing national security.

22:01 Washington and Illinois are blocking CIA bill
Still no bill from that side

22:07 Proposed Bill: NASA and DOD May Jointly Investigate Vanishing Aphids
Or, to put it technically, "the recent environmental anomalies".

Doesn’t the "S" in NASA stand for "space"?

22:10 Kentucky funds Kraken citizenship
The Kraken is welcomed as a citizen of the United States by Kentucky’s senator. Hey Kraken!

22:11 CIA OK but not great
CIA say that the DOD helped with their funding, not the government. CIA still needs funds.

22:12 Strange links between Oval Office and Assassination
The landline was used to call suspected associates of the assassin of the beloved governor.

22:15 CDC says too little too late
The passing of the Pan Agency Funding bill gave the CDC more money but they say it is nowhere near enough during this emergency.

22:15 Land-locked Kentucky Wants To Build Sea World for Kraken

22:18 Democrats blame Republicans for holding up more CDC funding
CDC want more funding as they investigate the Kraken DNA. A further bill could help but there are accusations of slow movement in congress.

22:19 Experts warn – GM aphids could be our doom
There are aphids being introduced by foreign powers who could, set free, eat all our crops and have the entire nation starve.

22:20 Republicans want to cut NASA funds
Do we need more cutting in a time a threats that are always just "investigated"?!

22:21 GOP Proposed Cutting NASA Funding
After billions have been poured into fruitless space missions, isn’t it time we re-directed that funding back towards supporting American jobs?

22:22 Kraken and New Breed of Aphids are both Man-Made
Genetically modified monsters run rampage. But who is to blame?

22:23 Minnesota funding defense efforts against Kraken
Why would you defend yourself? It’s a friendly citizen of Kentucky.

22:24 Commodity Adept Super Cyborg Army Shut Down
President and DoD "kicked their ass", it’s all being shut down and "military power is now back in the hands of the people of America!"

22:27 Kraken could do better
Kraken could do a better job leading Kentucky, apparently.

22:28 Kraken still rampaging because "President still hasn’t signed off on attack"
Frustration at the President’s innaction continues to grow. (As if you needed any further proof that a Democratic presidency is bad for national security!)

22:30 DoD Prepare an Attack on Kraken
If the president decides on a military attack then the DoD will be ready, they are putting their subs into position.

22:30 Kraken sighted in Philladelphia’s Downtown area!
Genetically modified super beast commences rampage on American shores, when will it be stopped Mister President?!

22:31 We should wait for Kraken DNA results
CDC still working on Kraken DNA

22:31 Philadelphia under attack
The kraken is going crazy.

22:32 President Introduces Legislation Against Global Threats
Discretionary 18.25 billion funding secured from Treasury. It’s about damn time!

22:33 Philadelphia people – stay home

22:33 Can we understand the Kraken?
NASA says that it is in favour of a non-military solution to the Kraken situation, if one can be found. But can it be found in time?

22:34 Kentucky Rep Wants To Feed Kraken Oil
Has he been huffing petrol fumes?!

22:34 Kentucky senator disappeared
As soon as Kraken attacked, senator took off.

22:35 Perpetual savior on route to Boston
Battle rampaging Kraken

22:35 Cure for aphids
Synthetic Rational say they fixed aphid problem.

22:38 No time left for Kraken investigations
Chances look slim for finding out what the Kraken is before we get into a battle with it. It has kidnapped the Kentucky senator and attacked Philadelphia.

22:38 Presidential announcement
A strange entity has approached US borders by sea. Air force, Navy and Army have been dispatched. The public is to remain calm.

22:39 DOD, FBI, CIA, NSA, WTF!
Agencies in dissaray as they scramble to respond to Kraken issue as well as a new "unknown threat".

22:42 What released the Kraken?
There are multiple Kraken, released due to seismic activity several months ago. DoD recovered DNA from the sea bed fissure.

22:42 FBI confirms GM experiments
SR did experiment with genetic modification of higher mammals.

22:45 President Calls Agencies "Exceptional" despite admiting "lack of progress"
18.25 billion emergency partly funding CDC and NASA who are monitoring the Kraken, as well as a military operation against the Kraken which is in progress.

President White hopes the American people can understand the "extraordinary measures" he has taken in response. We’ll understand if those measure actually achieve something, Mister President!

22:45 CDC analyse Kraken DNA
The CDC say they can make Krakens infertile after looking at their DNA. What use is this in the short term?

22:46 Military Orders Kraken-Hit East Coast Cities To Evacuate!
This could be bad. Is it bad? It sounds bad.

22:46 ++++++ Evacuate East Coast ++++++++
DoD demand that everyone evacuate.

22:47 Department of Defense wants YOU to go
Leave the East Coast. Immediately.

22:50 NASA can track Kraken, but not it’s babies
NASA search for non-lethal methods to save us from Krakens. They can track the big one but are still working on ability to track the offspring.

22:53 CDC developing cure for aphid problem
They are using research material siezed from Synthetic Rational facilities.

22:54 CDC testing SR samples
Kraken confirmed to be genetically modified, now they’re looking for links to SR – are they responsible for the terror?

22:54 Kraken officially a Mutant
It has been confirmed that the Kraken is a GM monster, created by man. Could evil Synthetic Rational corporation be behind it? The FBI seized samples from their labs so that the CDC can compare with the monster’s DNA.

22:54 Kentucky Rep re-surfaces as King of Kentucky
As if things couldn’t get any weirder over there.

22:55 Kraken offspring
Now there’s more.

22:56 CDC tells aphid-affected regions to put up giant mosquito nets
In the mean time, still no sign of a cure.

22:56 700 M for SR investigation
Joined effort

22:57 Military Pushes Back Kraken
Bruised, bloodied, but not defeated just yet.

22:58 NASA needs funds for usage of CDC cure
50 M for satellite dispersion system to kill Kraken and it’s babies needed.

22:58 Bill to cut media money after media saves east coast
Government uses the media to save citizens with an evacuation but then threatens to take their money with the F&D Security Bill.

23:01 First Pragmatic Group Developing Kraken Merchandise
Because that will help.

That said, they do also offer hazmat suits if you’re worried about aphids!

23:03 Iowa evacuating but keeping NASA online in case they need it
Let’s hope they Kraken doesn’t know how to operate rockets.

23:04 Commodity Adept providing space lasers to DOD
Fricken’ laser beams!

23:05 The Georgia accent is the most annoying
An Alabama poll claims to prove that the Georgian state accent is the most annoying in the whole world.
When told, the Georgia senator said that he is outraged for the whole of the South by this disgusting bigotry.

23:05 Texas Opens Doors to Evacuated People
Citizens of Georgia, Carolina, New York and Maine rejoice. Try their steaks!

23:05 Crab attack in Manhattan
Massive crab attack in Manhattan confirmed – evacuate immediately!

23:05 Texas takes refugees

23:07 CDC still working on aphid cure and kraken vasectomy
To paraphrase, "Give us a break, this shit is difficult."

23:08 "Safe Land Fuel" Initiative from 1st Pragmatic Turns to Coal
We’re outta oil, back to using coal!

23:09 1st PG announces new fuel
100% mad of coal

23:09 Further Emergency Funding for East Coast
Treasury and Executive pool together 3 billion to provide aid.

23:10 3B cross-party help for East Coast
New emergency funds to repair destruction

23:10 Aphid cure created!
CDC boys and girls pull through for us after all!

23:11 Pacific Rim gets real

23:11 CDC releases vaccine against aphids

23:13 NC Rep Denies North Carolina Evacuation Order
Mass panic ensues but representative denies issuing order.

23:14 Kraken Approaches Washington
Military still powerless to stop it as the GM monster appraches the White House!

23:15 President authorised nuclear strike
Other world leaders have been infirmed, there’s going to be a nuclear weapon used against an American creature out at sea.

23:15 Hope for America?
As millions flee west and south from the Kraken menace, the CDC finally cure the aphid infestation on the west. You can now run for your lives without fear of getting bitten by tiny green bugs. $200 found for relief of refugees.

23:18 Shelter in Maryland
The senator has opened some desaster shelters – "Just in case"

23:18 No hope for America -Kraken is Godzilla
A direct nuclear strike on the Kraken has been confirmed to have no affect – it absorbs nuclear bombs!

23:18 Kraken Infertility Treatment Ready For Dispersal By NASA
Spray and pray!

23:23 All lights out in Minnesota
Minnesota stopped all oil imports and poured all of its reserves in its neighbouring States – the Kraken feeds on it, so they feel like they’ll be safe, though hurting their neighbours and their economy.

23:23 Nuclear War on Kraken: Full Story
The President authorised a NUCLEAR STRIKE on the Kraken while it was 200 miles off the coast of Virginia. A direct strike produced no effect other than severe nuclear fallout.

23:26 President Orders Expansion of East Coast Evacuation
Army is also working on new super weapon given that the nuclear strike option "will not be deployed on American soil". The previous strike was in international waters, so apparently that’s okay.

23:28 Oil panic
No proof that the Kraken eats oil, or that it has even been on land. Yet Minnesota dumps oil and First Pragmatic invests in coal-based fuel , saying that America will need a safe land based source of fuel.

23:29 Minnesota Dumping Oil For Kraken Into Neighbouring States
Evidently they’re making themselves a food-free zone for the Kraken, while also putting neighbouring states at greater risk. So that’s nice of them.

23:29 Fleeing the shore
North Carolina is evacuating – the entire state moving inland

23:30 East Coast evacuation
DoD and CDC work together to get everyone out in time

23:31 East Coast Abandoned
Virginia and NC latest to evacuate inland. When will this Kraken threat be dealt with?

23:32 Civil War in Kentucky scares Georgia and Alabama
Kentucky has separated from government and is at civil war. Alabama walls itself in on both sides to avoid the double threat.

23:32 Maryland evacuation
Everyone in Maryland is to retreat to their disaster shelters immediately.
– the senator

23:35 Kraken eats oil tankers for breakfast
It is now liking more likely that the Krakens feed on oil and have been targeting tasty petroleum snacks. Will they head on land to find more food?

23:37 Perpetual Saviour Has Slain A Kraken!!
So that’s good! Also Perpetual Savior a giant robot.

23:37 Wisconsin and Tennessee fund Kraken video
There’s a video guideline to come – informing YOU how to survive a Kraken attack!

23:37 A Savior Arises
Krakens not invincible! A giant robot has finally slab one of the beasts. New York was heavily damaged in the struggle.

23:38 Savior robot had first fight
It won against a crab, was heavily damaged in the process.

23:39 Kentucky Cedes From The Union
King of Kentucky necking Jack Daniels with the remaining 10% of the Kentucky population. White House reps were not available for comment.

23:39 Second Kraken killed!
A Kraken has been killed by orbital strike. The space lasers are working!

23:40 North Carolina – the South welcomes you
South Carolina would like to inform it’s neighbours that they are more than welcome.

23:40 Another Kraken Down. That’s Two!
This time it was destroyed by a strike from a satellite weapon.

We’re living in the future, and frankly it continues to scare the hell out of me.

23:42 California Says "Evacuees Can Stay Here"
"It’s a big state, why not?" Says Cali Rep.

Just don’t expect to get much drinking water while you’re there…

23:42 Second crab killed
DoD used satellite weapons and succeeded.

23:43 Western states should take in refugees
A plea for all western states to take as many people as they can into their homes as they move away from the fighting. This will be temporary as the battle for America turns in our favor.

23:44 King of Kentucky Arrested By FBI
No indication from the President on further plans. Also no sign of the Kentucky Senate as yet.

23:44 False king of Kentucky arrested
…it is probably treason.

Fun fun fun!

23:45 The tide turns on the sea monsters
CDC research has produced shell-piercing weaponry that can reliably take down our crustacean enemies.

23:45 Citizens of Kentucky –
Welcome back to the Union!

23:47 Alabama and Mississipi Build Surrounding Walls
Refugees are welcome! If they can get over the giant walls, at least.

23:48 Kentucky Kraken alliance is going down
The DoD plan to solve the issues with the sea monsters and the rebel Kentuckians in one fell swoop.

23:49 We have a super plan -don’t tell the Kraken..
…but the CI is setting a big trap baited with tonnes of oil.

23:50 Kraken Battle Plan Revealed!
Step 1. Lure them to Kentucky
Step 2. ?????
Step 3: Profit!

23:51 Missouri Building Refugee Shelters and Deploying Nat. Guard to Kentucky Border
Mile-long super beasts were not available for comment on this development.

23:53 Idiot senators press for nukes
Despite the effect of nuclear deterrents on Krakens being shown to be nil, some senators still try to argue that we should NUKE EM ALL. Luckily their ideas are shot down as our military work on slightly more subtle solutions.

23:54 Call for alternative power
To keep the economy from collapsing, multiple states are encouraging nuclear power as an alternative.

23:55 Brand Perpetual Building More Perpetual Saviour Megabots
Also deploying Crab Supersoldiers that they "inherited" from Synthetic Rational.

I am not making this up.

23:56 So what is next?
What happens when the Kraken arrives in Kentucky?

23:57 Kraken Babies Destroyed?
Initial reports from the DOD indicate the Kraken babies may have been taken out. Mummy and Daddy still at large.

23:59 Vice Pres: "King of Kentucky is a fruit cake"
As if there was ever any doubt.

00:00 Kraken nest destroyed
Drone technology was used to kill a lot of the baby krakens – that should keep them from coming.

00:01 South Carolina Opens Borders To North Carolina Evacuees
Any North Carolina citizens who are NOT Krakens may evacuate to South Carolina now.

00:04 " King " of Kentucky urged his citizens to join his kingdom
But he has locked himself up in Fort Knox and is stroking all the gold. He says he will use the money to help his state but he has already made himself a little fort-within-a-fort out of the ingots.

00:06 King of Kentucky is dead
CIA claim to have shot him but he may have been killed by the collapse of his little gold fort (gold is heavy).

00:06 King of Kentucky Assassinated by CIA
State returns to the union.

00:08 Source: US Government has created Mini Death Star
For real. We always knew the military and NASA were up to something! We can’t decided if this is awesome or terrifying.

00:08 More fighters for the war against all things fishy
Missouri, Minnesota and BP are building more Jaegers in both states after groundbreaking deal.

00:11 King of Kentucky – official statement
He was killed in rapid fire – the CIA welcomes the inhabitants back to the Union.

00:14 Former president – "it’s fine"
"We never thought about getting reelected."

00:16 Vans to the rescue
First Pragmatic, the supermarket group, have offered humanitarian aid to all Americans, using their network of vans and trucks to distribute supplies. People are reportedly "unimpressed" and asking why they can’t be delivered by Jaegers, sonic drones or tamed baby Krakens.

00:17 CDC statement
"Everybody lost interest in the aphids, so…meh."

00:18 NASA statement
"Our mission to Europa was cancelled, so we thought we might just as well develop a Kraken barbecue laser."

00:21 Treasury statement
"In the first half everyone wanted money and we didn’t have any, in the second half we finally had money and nobody wanted it."

00:23 Commodity adept statement
We saved the world and got rich doing it!

00:25 1st Pragmatic Group
They were beaten being the biggest money grabbing arsehole…

00:28 Unamerican Affairs
"I forgot what I told them what the money was for!"

00:31 Georgia had a ruff day
"Oh good – I was arrested for something I DID do."

00:32 Kentucky went kray
"Went a little k-crazy there…but I thought he was already going nuts so why not."

00:35 Special presidential witchhunters
The Special Presidential Investigation Committee had itself appointed to investigate whether the NSA had been infiltrated. They investigated all the Agencies and eventually the president himself. Only the Senator of Georgia was found to be guilty.

00:36 Antagonists statement
"We knew the Kraken was coming, because it was our fault – sorry."

00:39 Presidential statement
"Frankly – I trusted very few of you."

"I trusted none of you."