What is a megagame
Megagames are real world gaming experiences for large groups of players.

These games are a large scale evolution of various gaming activities with which you are already familiar. Board games, role-playing, wargames, model United Nations, card games, video gaming and just about any game you can imagine all have influence over this emergent form of live action gaming.

Typically played by 20 or more players over the course of a day you will take part in an emergent story that puts you directly at the heart of the action. Depending on the main gaming influences of the megagame in question you may be a General marshaling your forces in a time of war, or distant planet seeking to complete research ahead of your opponents.

You may be playing in a team, working cooperatively. You could be acting in isolation, secretly attempting to thwart the success of other players. The one constant is that your ability and willingness to negotiate, coerce, liaise with or back-stab other players will dictate how you play the game.

Often, megagames will have no fixed win situation and few rules of engagement to worry about, allowing you to play the game in the manner you see fit. The one certainty is that a good megagame is something you will not soon forget. Once bitten almost every player becomes hungry for more.

To get a feeling for what it’s like to play a megagame the following video represents 2 minutes of our game, Mirror State. It’s fast paced, and the language wouldn’t be out of place in The West Wing, or House of Cards. Just remember that everyone you see in this video is playing the game.

Ensuring that the apparent chaos of a megagame is organised coherently are the game organisers. Referred to as Control, Moderators or Game Masters these people ensure that the game stays on track. It is their responsibility to ensure that you are having a fun and exhilarating time, and that you never end up in a position where you feel out of touch with the game you’re playing.

Whether you’re a board game regular, RPG fan, professional poker player, LARPer, WH40K collector, amateur dramatics enthusiast, MMO veteran or occasional player of charades you’re already a skilled megagamer, you just don’t know it yet.

Read a little more about our game, Mirror State, here and take your first step towards a full day event that will leave you grinning, exhausted and itching to play again.